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A1 - A2 German courses


If you have little or no previous knowledge of the German language, you start as a beginner. Here you learn to ask for simple information orally and in writing. You learn to introduce yourself and ask other people questions, e.g. where they live or who you know. You can communicate in a simple way if the person you are talking to speaks slowly and clearly and is willing to help you. You build your knowledge of basic grammar and vocabulary and learn to speak and understand simple sentences.



  • asking for directions

  • Describing ways

  • Asking for and giving information

  • Talking about home and household

  • Give descriptions of people and characters

  • Define shape, size and colors of things

  • Describing situations from everyday life, e.g. what you would like to do or not do


Course content:

In elementary level II, the participants learn to extract information from simple texts and to provide simple information. You should learn to express yourself a little more precisely and therefore you will start to use subordinate clauses. You will practice dialogues yourself, write short texts and practice listening comprehension so that you get used to understanding and using the German language more and more. Each lesson begins with a double-sided introduction that leads into the

Introduces the topic and grammar of the lesson. This is followed by double pages on reading, listening, speaking and writing.

The main focus areas include:

  • School and career

  • News and reports

  • Countries and people

  • Wishes

  • sport and health

  • Professional world and ideas

  • Humor, everyday life and politics

  • History and future

  • Culture and leisure

  • Languages and encounters

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