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Literacy courses

Get to know the language and culture now!


This makes life in Germany easier. If you want to learn German and learn to read and write in Latin script or in general at the same time, you need special support.

The Akademisches Bildungs-Center eV supports you in the literacy course according to a special learning concept.


The program:

- Small, effective groups up to 12-15 participants

- A total of 1,000 teaching units:

- Basic course with 300 teaching units

- Advanced course A with 300 teaching units

- Advanced course B with 300 teaching units

- Orientation course on history, politics and culture in Germany with 100 teaching units


Anyone who already speaks German can start in a higher module. There is a two-stage placement test (written and oral).


If you fail, you can apply for a further 300 teaching units.


Important topics from everyday life are dealt with in the language course, for example:

- Work and job - free time and social contacts

- Education and training - health and 

- hygiene / human body

- Care and upbringing of children 

- Shopping / trade / consumption

- Media and media usage 

Childcare accompanying the integration course 
While you are learning the German language undisturbed in the classroom, your child will have fun in our on-site childcare with children of the same age. 
When registering for the integration course, ask about the childcare capacity and secure your place!
The costs for childcare can be covered by the BAMF after the application has been approved.

Eligibility and admissions:
Information and funding can be obtained from:
- at the immigration office
- at the job center
- at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)
Do you not have a license yet? No problem, we will help you with the application.
- Integration courses à DTZ exam (German test for immigrants) from TELC
- Orientation course à Life in Germany exam from the BAMF

Kostenlose Beratung

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