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Cook outside the box

One of several projects to promote our youth and instill important values in them.


Cook outside the box

Cooking project for teenagers and young adults

Do you want to stand on your own two feet and eat healthy on your own? Then you are exactly right with us. Take part in our cooking project learn the basics and cook creative menus with fresh ingredients the joy of preparing delicious recipes together with other participants who are enthusiastic about cooking.

Our experience

It was a great project and a great time! We learned a lot and had a lot of fun. We would like to thank all participants and especially the Deutsche Postcode Lottery for this wonderful experience.

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We have:

• Learned basic working techniques in the kitchen

• Getting to know dishes from different cultures

• Competitive in cooking competitions 

• Create your own dishes

• Discussed nutrients and responsible consumption

• Organized a table football tournament


You could see some of our most beautiful moments in the gallery. We would be happy to have you with us on our next project.

Would you like to volunteer or find a sponsor?

Sponsorships take the form of active everyday support. 

It is important to help where there is a need. 

Of course, it is also not denied, cultural and social 

Activities to undertake.  


- Support in dealing with authorities 

- Help with finding accommodation

- Joint (family) trips

- Reading lesson with children

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