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Social-educational family support

Social-educational family support is aimed at families who find themselves in difficult life situations and are confronted with complex problems. Family support offers support with everyday problems, resolving conflicts, accompaniment in crises and cooperation with authorities and institutions.

Intensive support and support are intended to ensure that people can help themselves. Our specialists work on an outreach basis and involve the entire family system . The focus is on the individual needs and life concepts of the family.

Social-educational family assistance services include, for example:

  • Home visits, individual and family discussions

  • Interventions for personal and family crises

  • Support in dealing with offices and institutions

  • Support in the school and psychosocial areas

  • Arrangement of occupational therapy, speech therapy or psychotherapy

  • Accompaniment to the doctor, to clinics or to consultations

  • Advice on household management and dealing with finances

  • Leisure and holiday activities

Family assistance must be officially applied for. The social service of the city of Mainz is responsible for examining the needs and scope. The prerequisite is the voluntariness and active cooperation of the family.

Contact person:

Carina Näger

0152 52810393

If you have any questions or are interested in our social-educational family support, we will be happy to help you. Contact us for further information or to arrange an initial consultation.

We are motivated and committed to supporting you and your family in overcoming the challenges. Together we can ensure the best possible support for children, young people and families.

Do you need help?

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