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Application coaching including profiling

We, the Akademische Bildungs-Centrum eV, have developed a further measure in accordance with §45 SGB Ⅲ with regard to vocational support, which we would like to briefly introduce to you:

 In order to enable the promotion of vocational training, the Akademische Bildungs Centrum eV supports motivated job seekers and people from different professional groups, regardless of their age group or other restrictions, in their smooth reintegration into the labor market. 
For this purpose, we offer the participants individual application training including profiling, in which they are actively and flexibly advised, supervised and accompanied by our specialist staff in a way that promotes development. In addition to individual coaching and profiling, both communication techniques and orientation strategies are dealt with.

Of course, the wishes, interests and ideas of the individual participants are taken into account and integrated and implemented in the career path. This also includes, for example, the individual agreement of appointments. 

Our goal is to achieve the optimal preparation of the participant with regard to his future career.

We are at your disposal for any questions !

Apply correctly  - but how?


With the help of application coaching at ABC e. V. you are well prepared for your job interview!


> Free advice

> Individual start is possible at any time

> Tips & tricks for a successful interview

> We accompany you on the way to your dream job

> Take the chance!

target group


  • Unemployed and people at risk of unemployment

  • regardless of their age and occupational group

our range

Individual coaching

  • Possibility to be promoted individually, actively and flexibly



  • How do I introduce myself to my potential employer?


Self-marketing strategy & communication techniques

  • How do I behave during the conversation?
    > Posture, facial expressions


Application management overview

  • How do I write a correct & convincing application?


Orientation strategies

  • What are my strengths / weaknesses?

  • Which job suits my skills?

Scope and duration


> 16 teaching units each 45 minutes for up to 4 weeks


> Duration and dates are based on your personal wishes and needs & are agreed individually

Our goal


  • Development of an individual and effective application strategy

  • Creation of modern & appealing application documents

  • Planning & implementation of your professional vision

We support you

in achieving your goals!

Our highly trained employees are there for you every step of the way.

We are happy to help. 

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