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Bridges AG

Our goal

Brücken AGs is a project of the Academic Education Center eV, is funded by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and represents an important bridge for social participation and the integration of our course participants.


The club landscape in Germany is very diverse and an important part of social coexistence. In a club people meet who have the same interests, like the same things and have the same skills. Age, skin color and religion do not play a role. Social cohesion is promoted and interest in other cultures is aroused.  


In our bridge working groups, the participants are made familiar with the club landscape in Germany. You learn what it means to get involved in a club. Together with your working group leader, you will learn specific technical terms and the necessary specialist knowledge in order to then apply the newly acquired knowledge together. Together they explore the club and get to know the other club members.  


Our goal is to build a bridge between our participants and the already existing associations, for an intercultural community and a motley society. Societal diversity can only function through successful integration. We offer a helping hand and see ourselves as companions for successful integration.

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1. Would you like to become a member of an association and need help?

Then you are right with us.  We build the bridge for all clubs in Mainz and the surrounding area.

2. What are clubs?

Associations represent a focus of social life. An association is a group in which

Meet people who have the same interests.  In the ABC eV we offer simple working groups (working groups) in which clubs from Mainz are presented.

We show you the possibilities to participate in Mainz and bring you the clubs of your choice


3. What do we do in the bridge working groups?


You have the opportunity to make new contacts with people with the same interests.

In the working groups you will be taught specific technical terms and knowledge for the clubs

with the basics.  You will get to know the association better without having to be a member beforehand. The focus is always on having fun!


4. Where do the working groups take place?

The meetings take place on our premises.  Due to the pandemic, we are forced to hold some of the meetings via online video conference platforms.

5. When do the working groups take place?

Only you determine that!  You have the opportunity to join us at any time. Just get in touch with us.

6. Volunteer working group leaders

Are you already in a club and would you like to introduce us to it? You can organize and lead a working group with us on a voluntary basis. If you are interested, just contact us.



Academic Education Center eV

Rhabanusstr. 5 

55118 Mainz

Phone: 06131 385795



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