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Why ABC Mainz German Courses?

ABC e.V. Mainz brings together people from different cultures who, like you, have their own experiences and individual goals.


We have many years of experience in the field of integration and know what is important. Together with other learners and teachers we offer you a place where you can arrive and feel welcome.



Learning a language is much more than knowing about structures and grammar or just recalling knowledge. For the greatest learning success, a positive learning environment is essential. Teachers and learners can help shape this environment themselves and therefore actively contribute to individual learning success. All of our intensive German courses are taught on-site in Mainz and online by qualified teachers.



What makes learning German at ABC so special?

Fast learning success through daily lessons from Monday to Friday

Intensive support from experienced teachers

Familiar atmosphere between students and teachers

Strong cohesion and friendly interaction within the courses




Learning German with pleasure in a familiar atmosphere - at ABC e.V. you will feel welcome.
We are a
telc-certified language school and one of the best course providers in Mainz.

Why we?


You save valuable time with our platform. We offer you the opportunity to acquire the German language in a very short time. 

Qualified lecturers

We carefully choose our teachers so that you have quality and fun in your courses. 

Outstanding location

You can find us in the immediate vicinity of Mainz Central Station. So you have countless possibilities to reach us.

Thanks to our many years of experience in language learning and integration, we know what is important. At ABC eV we offer you a place where you can successfully and confidently start your own path in Germany.


Our courses are tailored to people with beginner, advanced and expert knowledge and prepare you for a life in Germany. As a telc test center, you can prepare for all exams with us and then successfully complete them. Our online intensive courses are perfect for location-independent learning. These take place flexibly both as individual and group lessons with a tutor in the virtual classroom.

Contact us!

Academic Education Center eV

Rhabanusstr. 5, 55118 Mainz

Tel .: +49 (0) 6131 385 147

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