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1. "INTENSIVE" course - online

For aspiring students and those who want to learn quickly and effectively

5x per week language training with the teacher via zoom

OR on site in one of our ABC language schools

BONUS: 2 units of free communication training per week

Perfect for you if:

  • you can invest your time intensively in language learning

  • you want to learn German quickly and effectively

  • you need a language course for a visa

  • you want to achieve your learning goals in a short period of time

  • you are preparing for exams for study or work



  • Support by qualified and experienced teachers

  • Online via Zoom OR at our location  see course dates

  • All learning materials as a book and digitally

  • Small groups with a maximum of 6-12 participants

  • Examination option on site with us

  • Free placement test



Alex is preparing to study in Germany and needs a preparatory language course for his studies. He already has basic knowledge and would like to use his time intensively to study. He chooses the A2 course INTENSIVE because he wants to complete it in a few months with the final exam C1 Hochschule.



  • Course location:             ONLINE via zoom (with teacher)

  • Intensity:          20 lessons  =  5 x 4 TU * per week  including 2 teaching units free of charge

  • Total scope:      156 UE (A1, A2, B1) approx. 2 months
    240 TU (B2, C1) approx. 3 months

    * 1 TU = 1 teaching unit = 45 minutes

Roter Fruchtsaft


490 euros
per person

Wir empfehlen:

Komplettbuchung Niveau C1, 240 Unterrichtsstunden

12 Wochen Kurs:    
nur 970 Euro pro Person (anstatt 1005 Euro)


This course can be booked for:  

  • ​ Beginners with no previous knowledge (A1)

  • Beginners with previous knowledge (A2)

Why is the B2 and C1 courses more expensive than the other courses?

Knowledge and skills are divided into levels A1-C2.

Experience has shown that students need a longer time to improve one level once they have reached level B1.

Therefore, the course at level B2 and C1 comprises 240 units compared to levels A1, A2, B1 only 156 units. The C1 University course requires level C1 and includes a total of 120 teaching units



You can find out more about the Common European Framework of Reference (GER) here: (LINK: "Common European Framework of Reference")

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