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Advanced courses
B1 & B2

You have basic knowledge of the German language, which is now being deepened. You feel able to cope with most everyday situations. You find it easy to talk about familiar topics and personal interests, to describe your dreams, hopes and goals. You can give reasons and explanations. It is now important to practice speaking in everyday situations, written expression and listening comprehension. The lessons have a strong communicative approach and are complemented by grammar. 

You will learn to talk and express yourself in writing in a coherent way about simple topics such as "shopping", "family", "traveling" and "working".

Content and learning objectives: 
- participate in simple discussions 
- understand simple texts and newspaper articles
- have conversations about interesting topics.


B1  Level

B2 Level

At this level you have already acquired the basics of the German language and are now practicing reading, writing and oral discussion of complex topics. Grammar is repeated and applied in more complex contexts. You learn learning techniques to help solve problems. You do much of the speaking in class and do regular writing. 


- Writing personal and formal letters 
- Describing pictures 
- Expressing assumptions
- Expressing opinions on specific topics
- Content focus such as people, cities, language, love, job, future, media, car

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