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Lehrer und Schüler

School cafe 

Children and young people are our future.

It is therefore particularly important to encourage them in all sorts of ways. This is exactly what we do in the “Student Cafe”: In four small groups (max. 5 people) socially important topics are taken up and pedagogically deepened under the guidance of our volunteer mentors.  

The aim is to attract enlightened, reflective, self-confident and democracy-conscious young people who, through their way of life, influence other people in a positive way and who themselves become role models for others. The wide range of topics should give the children and young people the opportunity to discover their own interests and to dare to think outside the box.

School cafe

What we offer

 Our mentors have  pedagogical knowledge and thus bring the necessary tools with them.

Diverse and well thought-out topics that are fun for everyone.

Small group activities

Student cafe includes

The youth project includes the following topics:

  • I am a citizen of this world

  • Communication and interaction

  • I am (m) a hero!

  • Green future: sustainable and conscious living

  • Social media - I post, therefore I am ?!

This project is supported and funded by 

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