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Our history

In 1997, the Academic Education Center eV - hereinafter referred to as ABC eV - was founded by parents, students and university graduates as a non-profit association. The founders of ABC eV recognized a social necessity in the lack of language skills, but also in major deficits in relation to the school material to be mastered in general. The aim was to counteract this problem with professional tutoring courses, which should also be affordable for parents who are less economically strong.  


ABC eV sees itself as an educational mediator. ABC eV would like to support everyone who is looking for help within the framework of school or extracurricular education. This is limited  ABC eV does not itself, but is always open to new ways of imparting knowledge and education. Therefore, according to the statutes, the association undertakes to promote upbringing and education in all school and extracurricular matters. Special emphasis is also placed on the promotion of sport  and science and cultural coexistence.


In recognition of these goals, the association has been an independent youth welfare organization for the city of Mainz and since 2009  was ISO 9001: 2008 certified from that time until May 2018. In addition, the association has been AZAV-certified since 2017 and operates a successful quality management system and is entitled to approve measures in departments 1, 3 and 4.


Initially it was only a matter of supporting school children and young adults in their individual educational processes, but the range of courses has been gradually expanded so that integration courses for immigrants and refugees have been offered since 2009 in cooperation with the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.


In addition, since 2014, ABC eV has made it possible for schoolchildren to deal creatively with socially relevant topics as part of the “We are - Diversity” competition, which was set up specifically for this purpose.


With our range of services, we respond to current social, political, cultural, educational and labor market developments and challenges. Our offer is based on the current challenges and needs that we perceive on the job market and in educational institutions in the region.


As a non-profit association, an economical and customer-oriented way of working is of great relevance to us. These two principles are also checked for their successful implementation within the framework of constant quality controls.


Company policy / philosophy  


The establishment of the Academic Education Center eV (ABC eV) in 1996 goes back to an initiative of students, university graduates and parents who recognized the lack of language and school skills as the biggest problem for the further education of children and the current generation a positive future perspective want to offer. In the beginning, our work consisted mainly of offering children and young people courses related to schooling, but the range of courses has steadily expanded over time:  


In addition to youth work and projects to promote the coexistence of young and old, German and integration courses for refugees or people with a migration background are also offered. In addition, the association has been a freelance youth welfare organization of the City of Mainz and the Accreditation and Licensing Ordinance Employment Promotion - AZAV - certified since 2009. In addition, we have been a new member of the Paritätischer Verein since 2019. Our primary goal is therefore to get into conversation with people at the dialogue level.


For years, the Akademisches Bildungs-Center eV has dealt with the subject of participation and participation of people with a migration background. This was done on a voluntary basis, which meant that the association could gain a lot of experience. Furthermore, we want to impart knowledge about foreign things in order to break down prejudices; Create spaces to get to know each other; Promote flexibility and commitment at all levels of society as the basis for in-depth exchange; Developing conflict resolution proposals and promoting intercultural skills in order to find one's way in a pluralistic society.


Resources and processes  


Communication takes place through personal conversations and regular meetings. The occupational safety requirements are met by the internal occupational safety specialist.


For compliance with and communication of the legal / official requirements is  Management responsible, as well as for the infrastructure and working environment. Our employees receive regular training opportunities, which are provided in advance by the  Management as well as the board of directors must be approved.  


We ensure that customer property of all kinds is handled responsibly. If necessary, this is regulated by contract.

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