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C1 German University

Telc German University

The students already have a good command of the German language and learn to express themselves clearly orally and in writing on a variety of topics and to understand most of the texts well.

Preparatory German courses

The C1 University course is a preparatory course with 20 hours of intensive, face-to-face teaching per week. Students and university applicants in Germany can acquire the German language skills they need to study in Germany and then take the “telc C1 Hochschule ” exam directly on site.


The "telc C1 Hochschule" exam is recognized at most German universities and colleges.


It's that easy:

  • Without knowledge of German:

You start at the very beginning and register for an intensive course (beginner A1). You can find prices and information


  • With knowledge of German : We will help you find your perfect course


We accompany you during your intensive course up to the exam "telc C1 Deutsch Hochschule."




Book your intensive course here

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